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General Course Requirements

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  • The concentration in Family Law can now be earned through several pathways.

    We have created curriculum guides for learners in General Family Law, Juvenile Justice, Civil Practice, and Public Interest. In addition, if you have a particular area of interest we will work with you to develop a program of study to fit your goal.

    For students interested in family law but unsure about a specific practice area, the general program provides broad exposure but the flexibility to select courses of interest. Courses are selected each semester with the advisement from the faculty and staff of the Center on Children & Families.


    Students must apply and be accepted for admission to the Family Law program. Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible in their law school career.


    Students must meet all graduation requirements of the College of Law.

    Concentration Requirement: At least 20 of the credits must be earned in courses designated in the Curriculum Requirements as set out below.

    G.P.A. requirement

    Students must achieve an average equivalent of 3.0 in 15 of the 20 credits earned in courses designated. There is no over all grade point average requirement beyond that required of the J.D. degree.

    Courses previously completed

    Courses previously completed (and meeting the grade requirements noted above) by students subsequently admitted into the program will be credited toward satisfaction of the concentration requirements.

    Conferences with Program Coordinator

    Students in this program must meet prior to each registration period with the Program Coordinator to fill out registration priority forms and to ensure that they are on schedule to complete all the requirements.

    * Family Law program students will receive registration priority for core courses only.

    Family Law Program Requirements

    CORE I

    Required Fundamental Courses: Students must successfully complete these two:

    • Family Law (4 credits)
    • Child Parent & State (3 credits)


    Required Advanced Courses: Students must successfully complete at least one of a limited set of electives.


    Required Skills Course: Students must successfully complete:

    • One clinic or externship; clinic and externship strongly recommended, and
    • One skills course


    An extensive range of electives plus graduate courses in other disciplines

    Any multidisciplinary course elsewhere in the University deemed by the Director to be appropriate based on the student’s overall record and goals may be added to this list. This may include appropriate graduate level courses 5000 and above in other departments or colleges (for example Education, Psychology, Family Youth and Community Sciences).

    Seminar and Writing Requirement

    Students must successfully complete an advanced writing project or other approved project.

    Practice Pathways

    These are focused curricula for identified areas of family practice. A student may also create their own pathway in consultation with the Director of CCF (for example, specializing in children and education, or children with disabilities). Finally, a student can combine pathways with another related program.