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Program in Intellectual Property Law

The technological revolution that we have experienced in the last few years has implications for almost every area of law, not the least of which is intellectual property. The ways in which we develop, use, store, and communicate information with technology has become a major driving force for our economic and social lives. Intellectual property law plays a central role in this new technological revolution because it is a legal regime for controlling information. Every area of intellectual property (copyright law, patent law, trademark law, and trade secret law) is now closer to the consciousness of the public, legislators, and courts as a result. The issues that arise at the intersection of intellectual property law and technology lead to countless difficult, important, and timely questions.

We are proud to offer a wide range of courses in intellectual property law where students are exposed to and grapple with these questions and issues as they prepare to enter the legal profession. Whether you are interested in an introduction to the field or in a concentration in the area, we encourage you to register for courses in the program.

Current students may review and access more information and resources on the IP TWEN® site.

Program Eligibility

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Enrollment Process

Students interested in the IP Law Program must fill out an enrollment form and submit it to the Program Director before the end of their final semester. We recommend, however, that you fill out and hand in the form once you decide that you are interested in the program, so we know of your intent as soon as possible. You should then fill out an updated form during your last semester.

Program Participants

Students who are interested in intellectual property, but who do not wish to enroll in the concentration, are encouraged to enroll as Program Participants. Program Participants must have taken or plan to take at least two intellectual property courses. Participants must register on the IP TWEN® site. Participants will be notified of IP related activities and opportunities, but will not receive credit for the concentration unless they have applied for and met the requirements above.