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  • Every field of law touching upon commerce (civil procedure), business associations, securities regulation, intellectual property, trade regulation, taxation, immigration and environmental law, among others) is affected by globalization. Equally important is the development of human rights laws, domestically and internationally.

    The concentration in International and Comparative Law rewards significant academic achievement and is awarded to students who meet the following requirements:

    – Completion of the usual graduation requirements for a J.D. degree.

    – Complete 18 credits in courses with international or comparative law content. This requirement is satisfied by:

    • Completion of the three (3) following core courses with a C or better:
      • International Law
      • Comparative Law
      • International Business Transactions
    • Completion of additional elective courses as may be selected from the list of approved courses in Schedules A and/or B.
    • Maintain 3.0 grade point average for all courses taken to satisfy the 18 credit hour requirement.
    • Participate in ABA-approved summer program, ABA-approved semester-long exchange program abroad, and/or other foreign law study or significant educational experience.

    Students in this program have registration priority for International & Comparative Law core courses, student exchanges and academic programs in foreign countries, and are encouraged to attend and participate in symposia, publications and programs of international interest. Since multilingualism can be a decided professional advantage, candidates for this program are encouraged to develop verbal competency in a language in addition to English.