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  • The curriculum roadmaps are a guide to the course terrain, but they won’t choose your route for you. So with roadmap in hand, feel free to consult one of the listed faculty members who are available to offer academic counseling, or an alumnus or employer whose opinion and judgment you trust. These individuals can help you determine which route will be best for you based on factors unique to you.

    Only you know what destination you want to reach. Few students interested in a specific topic of law will take every course listed on the roadmaps, just as few career paths will be so linear. But, whatever your destination is, this roadmap will help you identify some of the key landmarks and points of interest you will want to visit.

    Roadmaps by Topic

    Business Law

    Civil Litigation/Appellate Practice

    Commercial/Bankruptcy Law

    Corporate Transactional Practice

    Criminal Law & Procedure

    Entertainment & Sports Law

    Entrepreneurship & Law

    Environmental & Land Use Law

    Family Law

    Intellectual Property

    International and Comparative Law: Business

    International and Comparative Law: Human Rights

    Labor and Employment Law

    Public Service & Government Practice

    Real Estate Practice: Land Development Practice

    Real Estate Practice: Small Transactional Practice

    Trusts & Estates Law

    1L/2L Required Courses

    1L Courses

    2L Courses