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  • 2L Required Courses

    Legal Drafting

    This required course must be taken in the second year and be completed with a passing grade. Principles and practice of drafting legal documents, including complaints and responses, contracts, and legislative and quasi-legislative documents.

    Professional Responsibility And The Legal Profession

    Examines role of the individual lawyer and legal profession in contemporary society. Topics include the role of the lawyer as advocate, counselor, and officer of the court; the ethical and moral obligations lawyers owe their clients, other lawyers, courts, and society as derived from general ethical and moral principles and as embodied in model rules of professional conduct and the Restatement of the Law Governing Lawyers; and problems encountered in representing particular categories of clients, including individuals, corporations, criminal defendants, and indigents, among others.

    2L Priority Registration Courses

    Business Enterprises Survey

    (effective fall 2012) This course combines much of the existing coverage in both unincorporated business enterprises and corporations into a single course. This combined course will cover the general themes of unincorporated business enterprises (agency, partnership, LLCs, LLPs). It will also cover various issues in corporations(organization and structure of a corporations, financial rights of shareholders, closed corporations, control in publicly held firms, duties or care and loyalty, litigation to enforce directors’ duties, mergers and acquisitions, and the regulation of disclosure, fraud and insider trading).


    Registration priority given to second-year students in their fourth full semester. Consideration of problems in organizing a corporation, disregard of the corporate fiction, control and management, derivative suits, and special problems of the close corporation. May also consider federal regulations controlling insider trading, proxy solicitations, and short-swing profits.

    Estates and Trusts

    Registration priority given to second-year students. Topics covered include intestate succession, gifts, execution of wills, creation of trusts, charitable trusts, ademption and lapse, powers and appointment.


    Registration priority given to second-year students. A study of the law governing the proof of issues of fact before a judicial tribunal. Topics covered may include judicial notice, presumptions, burden of proof, hearsay, relevancy, testimonial proof, demonstrative and scientific proof, documentary proof and privileged communications. Emphasis is placed on the Federal Rules of Evidence.

    Interviewing, Counseling, and Negotiation

    An examination of theories and skills involved in interviewing clients and witnesses and counseling clients. Readings, videotapes, role plays, and simulations will be used to develop these theories and skills.

    Unincorporated Business Enterprises

    A consideration of the various forms of doing business, especially for unincorporated associations. Emphasis is placed upon agency and partnership, with consideration given to other forms of businesses, such as non-profit corporations, professional associations and limited liability companies.