Levin College of Law

Civil Litigation/Appellate Practice

Core Courses


LAW 6330 | 4 Credits


LAW 6305 | 3 Credits

Florida Civil Procedure

LAW 6303 | 3 Credits

Federal Courts

LAW 6302 | 3 Credits

Elective Courses

Florida Constitutional Law

LAW 6503 | 3 Credits

Electronic Discovery

LAW 6825 | 3 Credits

Conflict of Laws

LAW 6340 | 3 Credits


LAW 6315 | 3 Credits

Appellate Law & Policy (Seminar)

LAW 6936 | 2 Credits

Class Actions (Seminar)

LAW 6936 | 2 Credits

Highly Supportive


LAW 6063 | 3 Credits

Business Enterprises Survey

LAW 6068 | 5 Credits

Income Taxation

LAW 6600 | 4 Credits

Employment Law

LAW 6545 | 3 Credits

Accounting for Lawyers

LAW 6930 | 2-3 Credits

Skills Courses

Pre-Trial Practice

LAW 6930 | 3 Credits

Trial Practice

LAW 6363 | 3 Credits

Trial Advocacy

LAW 6360 | 3 Credits

Summer Experiences

Trying to decide how to spend your summer? Paid legal employment in the field of your choice is always a great option. But we know that paid summer positions jobs are not always available, especially for rising 2Ls. So what’s a student to do? This category lists options you shouldn’t overlook, including externships that provide a placement in an employment setting with exposure to practice in this area, fellowships or scholarships that students can apply for that support unpaid internships or externships in this field, and other relevant opportunities. Externships are for-credit experiential learning opportunities, where the student is supervised both by a lawyer at the placement and a faculty member, with educational requirements the student must meet. Financial aid is generally available for students who enroll in externships on the same terms as for other coursework.

Externships: There are numerous state and federal judicial externships as well as with state and federal agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Justice, and non-governmental organizations that engage primarily in litigation.

Other Information

If you plan a career as a trial lawyer, you may want to consider trying out for the co-curricular Trial Team in your second year. To prepare for a career as an appellate lawyer, you may want to try out for the Moot Court team, another co-curricular activity.