Levin College of Law

Degree Requirements

  • Degree Programs
  • Curriculum Roadmaps
  • Experiential Learning
  • Areas of Concentration
  • Centers
  • Joint Degrees and Credits

    1. Gain admission to the College of Law.
    2. Gain admission to Graduate School.
      • (Note: Steps 1 and 2 can be reversed.)
    3. Complete the first-year College of Law curriculum.
    4. Complete the first-year Graduate School curriculum.
      • (Note: Steps 3 and 4 can be reversed.)
    5. Spend the next two or three years (longer if earning a Ph.D.) completing all course work and writing requirements for both degrees.
    6. Apply for graduation at both the College of Law and the Graduate School.

    For more information, contact both the College of Law and the appropriate Graduate School department listed below.