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    The first-year curriculum for beginning students is prescribed by the faculty, and must be completed prior to registration for elective courses, except where Levin College of Law policy otherwise provides (see Class Progression Schedule). Students are required to take Legal Drafting and Professional Responsibility in their second year of study. Students may choose elective courses from any area, subject only to prerequisites. It is recommended that students select a variety of courses to ensure broad exposure.

    Course Progression Schedule

    Fall Entering Class

    First-Year Required Courses Law Credits
    Contracts 5000 4
    Criminal Law 5100 3
    Torts 5700 4
    Legal Research 5803 1
    Legal Writing 5792 2
    Introduction to Lawyering 5755 2
    Civil Procedure 5301 4
    Constitutional Law 5501 4
    Property 5400 4
    Appellate Advocacy 5793 2


    Upper-Level Required Courses Law Credits
    Legal Drafting 6955 2
    Professional Responsibility 6750 3


    Registration Priority* Law Credits
    Business Enterprises Survey 6068 5
    Corporations 6063 3
    Trusts & Estates 6430 4
    Evidence 6330 4
    Interviewing, Counseling and Negotiation 6930 3
    Trial Practice 6363 4
    Unincorporated Business Enterprises 6062 3

    * Registration-priority courses are not required, but the faculty recommends them for the designated year. Registration for these courses will be allowed in the year of priority. Registration in any other year is subject to space availability after Advanced Registration.