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    The LL.M. in International Taxation is open to both U.S. and international students. Graduates of U.S. law schools and graduates of law schools outside the U.S. will be considered for admission on the basis of outstanding credentials, including the applicant’s potential for distinguished performance in the program, academic record, professional experience and geographical factors. Admission to the LL.M. in International Taxation degree program will be for the fall semester. For admissions information, please contact us as soon as possible. You can view the complete application and admissions process on the LL.M. and S.J.D. Admissions page.

    Deadline to apply for fall 2017/spring 2018 is June 1, 2017

    Placement Services

    The Center for Career Services at the College of Law provides access to a variety of services such as: placement and career counseling; employer interview opportunities; programs and panels; reviews of resumes and cover letters; job listings and employer directories; and on-line placement databases.


    Most College of Law students live in off-campus apartments. Information about on-campus and off-campus housing can be obtained from the University of Florida Division of Housing, P.O. Box 112110, Gainesville, FL 32611. Email: houinfo@housing.ufl.edu. Phone: (352) 392-2161.

    Tuition & Cost of Living

    Tuition and expenses for can be found on the Graduate Tax Program website.

    Financial Aid

    Admitted students are considered for all available financial aid, including scholarships and research assistantship appointments that may significantly reduce the cost of attending.

    • Latin American Students
      Generous scholarships are available for Latin American and Caribbean students.The College of Law has a scholarship fund available for Latin American and Caribbean students that enables them to qualify for in-state tuition. Tuition Cost with LAC Scholarship is $19,326.06 vs. Out of State Tuition- $33,716.80. For more information on this scholarship, view the LAC Scholarship page.
    • Fulbright Fellowship Program
      The Fulbright Fellowship Program, involves the participation of a large set of collaborating partners in supporting Fulbright fellows at the University of Florida. For general questions about the Fulbright fellowship program and the logistics of admitting a Fulbright fellow, please contact Matt Mitterko, Associate Director, Graduate International Outreach (352) 392-0098; mmitterko@aa.ufl.edu. Also see, http://graduateschool.ufl.edu/personnel-and-policy/fulbright-nonlac-waiver, for additional information.
    • Linkage Institute Programs
      The state of Florida has established linkage institute programs for several countries and regions. A limited number of well-qualified students who are citizens of “linkage” countries are permitted to pay resident rather than non-resident tuition for a specified number of credit hours. Linkage programs currently exist for the following countries and regions: Brazil, Canada, the Caribbean, China, Costa Rica, Eastern Europe, France, Israel, Japan, Mexico and West Africa.
    • Graduate Assistantships
      Each year the Graduate Tax Program employs a number of students as Graduate Assistants. A Graduate Assistant works with a member of the tax faculty as a research assistant on projects that the faculty member has developed. Each person who receives an assistantship is classified, for the period of the appointment, as a Florida resident for tuition purposes, and is also awarded a stipend and a partial tuition waver, or a stipend and a scholarship.