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    Job Listing Service

    Employers regularly list vacancies with the University of Florida Levin College of Law Graduate Tax Program for entry-level Tax LL.M. positions and lateral  hires. These job listings are published in our electronic database, Symplicity, which allows students and alumni to view the positions anytime and from anywhere. You can register at our online system here: law-ufl-csm.symplicity.com/employers/ or download the one page Job Listing Form: www.law.ufl.edu/_pdf/career/employers/job_listing_form.pdfand email it to careers@law.ufl.edu or fax to (352) 392-7647.

    Resume Collection

    The Graduate Tax Program Office will be pleased to collect student resumes for your particular opening and then forward the packet with all applicants’  credentials to you. This service enables employers to review the credentials of all interested LL.M. students at the same time and then to either invite applicants to visit the employer’s location for an interview or to use the Office’s interview facilities. You may download the one page Job Listing Form and email it to careers@law.ufl.edu or fax to (352) 392-7647.

    Facilitate on-campus interviews

    On-campus interviews (OCI) are offered both fall and spring semesters. While employers can schedule on-campus visits during any phase, UF Law suggests preferred dates for both Fall and Spring OCI, including Early Interview Dates for Fall OCI to facilitate the on-campus interviewing process. If you plan to hire entry-level attorneys from our Tax LL.M. Program, On-Campus Interviews provide you with an opportunity to conveniently interview numerous students in one day while promoting your law firm or organization to the law school community.

    You can register for an interview date on Symplicity by clicking on the OCI tab and selecting the proper session. We look forward to assisting you with your hiring needs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Graduate Tax Program Office at (352) 273-0680 or careers@law.ufl.edu.

    Arrange video interviews

    Unable to travel to Gainesville? Consider scheduling video interviews from the convenience of your office or other location of choice at no cost. Contact the Graduate Tax Program Office to schedule your date at (352) 273-0680 or email careers@law.ufl.edu.

    Resume Books

    The University of Florida Levin College of Law Graduate Tax Program is now offering Resume Books to assist employers with hiring and entry-level attorneys. These books compile resumes of students and/or recent alumni who are seeking employment and fit certain hiring criteria. The Resume Books
    are provided to interested employers at no cost. The books can be sent to you in a paper or electronic format and we can narrow the parameters to provide you with a more targeted pool of candidates. You can review the books at your leisure and directly contact any candidates you wish to interview. To
    request a specific Resume Book, simply call the Graduate Tax Program Office at (352) 273-0680 or email careers@law.ufl.edu.

    Off-Campus Recruiting

    Participate in TARE!

    Interview highly qualified LL.M. in Taxation Students at the Sixth Annual Tax Attorney Recruiting Event (TARE) hosted each year in late winter in Washington, D.C. The University of Florida Levin College of Law has joined with Boston University School of Law and Northwestern University School of Law to offer prospective employers an opportunity to interview candidates from these programs. For full information, go to the TARE website via http://www.the-tare.com/.