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    Benefits of Clinics and Field Placements

    The Fredric G. Levin College of Law Clinics and Field Placements are faculty-supervised, advice, representation, and mediation clinics that integrate the college’s nationally-ranked scholarship with applied lawyering, mediation, and problem-solving skills developed through simulation courses and by providing legal services in the state attorney’s office, public defender’s office, or a fully-operational law clinic.

    Enrolling in a Clinic or Field Placement will give students the opportunity to gain real-world legal skills through participation with real clients alongside experienced lawyers.

    Virgil D. Hawkins Civil Legal Clinics

    Gator TeamChild Juvenile Law Clinic

    Gator TeamChild Juvenile Law Clinic students assist in representing children in legal matters.

    Immigration Clinic

    In the Immigration Clinic, students assist clients on matters related to their immigration status, including petitioning for new visas and VAWA petitions.

    Intimate Partner Violence Assistance Clinic

    In the Intimate Partner Violence Assistance Clinic, students assist in representing indigent survivors of domestic, dating, and/or sexual violence.

    Other Legal Clinics

    Conservation Clinic

    The Conservation Clinic offers both law and graduate students the opportunity to work on cutting-edge environmental and land use law and policy issues.

    County Court Mediation Clinic

    In the County Court Mediation Clinic, students participate in real court mediations and attain certification as a County Court Mediator.

    Veterans and Servicemembers Legal Clinic

    In the Veterans and Servicemembers Legal Clinic, students assist veterans with benefits claims, discharge upgrades, and other matters related to veteran status.

    Criminal Law Field Placements

    While participating in the Criminal Law Field Placements, students intern at the actual offices of the State Attorney or the Public Defender while also participating in simulation and lecture-based classes.

    State Attorney Field Placement

    The State Attorney Field Placement provides students an opportunity to work as a prosecutor under the direct supervision of a licensed Assistant State Attorney.

    Public Defender Field Placement

    The Public Defender Field Placement provides students an opportunity to represent indigent persons accused of crimes under the direct supervision of a licensed Public Defender.