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    “I cannot imagine what my law school career would look like without the Intimate Partner Violence Assistance Clinic (IPVAC).  I learned about this program on my very first day of law school orientation when the new students were told about the various clinic opportunities the law school had to offer.  I was immediately interested in IPVAC, and I went and listened to several of Professor Drake’s (the Director of IPVAC) lectures on domestic violence.  I decided to tailor my class schedule so that I would be able to enter the clinic at the earliest possible time.  I am now in my second semester as a returning advanced intern. By the time I graduate this coming spring, I will have completed three full semesters of clinic work.  Aside from gaining hands-on legal experience which I believe to be invaluable for finding a job right out of law school, I have developed a passion for outreach work that I believe will translate into more fulfilled pro bono experiences during my legal career.   Without this program, it’s director, and fellow clinicians, I would have lost an invaluable opportunity that I know has shaped my future legal career”

    Amanda Van Laningham, c/o 2013

    “The opportunities available to me through IPVAC have been invaluable. As a Certified Legal Intern I have been able to represent about a dozen different clients in court and participate in depositions, mediations, negotiations, and client interviews. The experiences I have had working with these survivors have been extremely rewarding in their own right, but also great preparation for working in the real world after law school.”

    Alex Martin, c/o 2013

    “Being a part of the Intimate Partner Violence Assistance Clinic as a Certified Legal Intern has by far been the best and most rewarding experience I’ve had in law school. I have my own case files and I personally represent my clients in court. Nothing else has given me such raw, hands-on experience or has prepared me to practice law more than this clinic, not even interning at a law firm.”

    Amy Onaga, c/o 2013