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    The County Court Mediation Clinic is a three credit course that provides an opportunity for students to participate in real court mediation while also, in addition to other requirements, qualifying students to become Supreme Court County Mediators, certified by the Florida Supreme Court.

    There are two components to the Clinic; a classroom component and a mentorship component. The classroom component is an intensive mediation training with instruction in mediation theory, skills, and strategies including short role-plays and longer simulated sessions including drafting mediation agreements. The mentorship takes place at the Alachua County Family/Civil Justice Center, where students will observe and take part in actual court-ordered mediations under the supervision of the instructor and other certified mediators. Grading is done on Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis.

    Classroom Component

    The classroom component of the course will provide the intensive mediation training required to attain Supreme Court certification as a County Mediator. These classes have been authorized by the Florida Supreme Court as sufficient for students to qualify for county mediation certification (along with other requirements). During the intensive training, students will attend classes up to 6 hours per week using regularly scheduled Friday morning class time as well as other days and times to be worked around students’ class schedules. Students will need to be flexible with non-academic obligations during the intensive training, because Florida Supreme Court Rules require attendance for the entire intensive training.

    Mentorship Component

    In addition to the intensive training component, students will participate in the mentorship component of the course which takes place at the Alachua County Family/Civil Justice Center on Friday mornings. Students will observe and co-mediate actual small claims cases including landlord-tenant, auto accident, insurance, credit card debt, and neighborhood issues.

    Certification as a County Court Mediator

    The course has been qualified as an approved County Court Mediation Training by the Florida Supreme Court. Students who satisfactorily fulfill all requirements and attain the requisite number of observations and co-mediations may be eligible to become Supreme Court Certified County Mediators upon application to the Florida Supreme Court.

    Recommended Courses/Prerequisites

    There are no prerequisites for this course and CLI status is not required. Enrollment is determined by seniority.