Levin College of Law

Adaptive Watershed Policy and Planning

The Clinic partners with UF’s interdisciplinary Adaptive Management of Water, Wetlands & Watersheds IGERT Program to support watershed-based organizations in integrating policy relevant science into planning at the watershed scale. Interdisciplinary student-faculty teams consolidate water quality data and other physical and social science parameters to determine the health of selected watersheds and work directly with stakeholder groups to design and develop policies to protect watershed health.

Campus and Community

Recognizing the role of the University of Florida as a laboratory for sustainability innovation, the Clinic works with faculty and students from other Colleges to promote the principles and practice of sustainability on campus and in community.

Coastal Development and Ecosystem Change

The Clinic works to develop the legal and policy framework that reconciles coastal development with eroding beaches, sea level rise and other threats to the coastal environment in Florida.

Historic and Cultural Resources

The Clinic assists local governments and preservation organizations to incorporate the law and policy framework for historic preservation and cultural resource management into decision-making, including resilience planning and emergency management.


The Clinic works closely with its sister clinic at the University of Costa Rica on projects that contribute to sustainable development, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Sustainability and Land Use

The Clinic assists with the development of law and policy tools and techniques to advance principles of sustainability and smart growth in land use in Florida.

Waterways and Waterfronts

The Clinic addresses the legal and policy issues facing Florida waterways and waterfronts and offers a variety of tools for state and local entities to consider in planning for the sustainable management of Florida’s waterways and the preservation of its working waterfronts.