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  • The Conservation Clinic assists local governments and citizen groups with the development of a variety of tools and techniques to advance principles of sustainability and smart growth in land use in Florida. One suite of these tools falls within the rubric of “low impact development.” Among the projects that have contributed to this are a green building program and implementing ordinance for the City of Gainesville, Florida that has served as a model for similar efforts elsewhere in Florida. The Clinic has also developed a comprehensive model native plant landscape ordinance and a set of model deed restrictions that would require Florida Friendly landscaping in new developments. This work has led to a formal relationship with the University of Florida Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) Cooperative Extension Service to provide statewide legal extension services in Florida in the areas of sustainability and smart growth. Part of this new initiative involves working with the IFAS Program for Resource Efficient Communities to address legal tools to disaggregate and decentralize stormwater systems in master-planned residential developments to achieve water quality enhancements.