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    The Prosecution Clinic at the University of Florida Fredric G. Levin College of Law provides students with an opportunity to perform as interns in the actual practice of law under the direct supervision of licensed Assistant State Attorneys.

    Prosecution Clinic

    Students become involved in all aspects of the prosecution of criminal cases, including intake, investigation, discovery, pretrial proceedings, trial, and sentencing. One goal of the clinic program is to have the intern try (under supervision) at least one jury trial by the end of the semester.

    What is a Prosecutor?

    “A fearless and earnest prosecuting attorney, within the limits of his powers and prerogatives, is a bulwark to the peace, safety and happiness of the people”. 42 Am.Jur., “Prosecuting Attorneys”, sec. 20, p. 255.

    “Defense counsel’s legitimate and necessary goal is to achieve the best possible result for his client. His loyalty is to the individual client alone. The prosecutor, however, enters the courtroom to speak for the People, and not just some of the People. The prosecutor speaks not solely for the victim, or the police, or those who support them, but for all the People. That body of ‘the People’ includes the Defendant and his family and those who care about him. It also includes the vast majority of citizens who know nothing about a particular case, but give over to the prosecutor the authority to seek a just result in their name.” Lindsey v. State, 725 P.2d 649, 660 (Wyo. 1986), quoting On Prosecutorial Ethics, 12 Hastings Const. L.Q. 537-539 (1986).

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