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Informational Matrix

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Clinic What do students do? Open To Required Courses AVERAGE TIME COMMITMENT CLI Required? How Many Students? Graded or
Family Advocacy
The Virgil Hawkins Family Advocacy Clinic operates simultaneously as a law office and as a classroom. We practice law, representing real people with real family law problems, and educate future lawyers in the basic skills of their profession. We are a full service family law firm, assisting low-income clients with divorce, parenting issues, alimony, division of assets and liabilities, child support, paternity, name changes, and more.  As a Certified Legal Intern (CLI), you will have the opportunity to interview and counsel clients, draft pleadings, motions, orders, judgments, and other legal documents, conduct discovery, argue motions, negotiate, advocate at mediation, and maybe take a case to trial. The actual work you do depends on the needs of your clients. 48 completed credits Interviewing, Counseling, and Negotiation (ICN) or alternative Interviewing and Counseling for Civil Clinics (ICCC) as a corequisite.
Recommended: Professional
Responsibility, and Evidence.
Class: M/W 9:00- 10:50am. 10 office hours; Firm and Team meetings (1 hour each); Additional time
for client work as needed.
YES 8 4 Pass/Fail 2 Graded 6
Gator TeamChild Juvenile Law Clinic Certified Legal Interns, students advocate for children in various types of proceedings, primarily in delinquency, dependency, administrative, and educational matters. As part of their training, students receive instruction in trial advocacy, professionalism, interdiscplinary collaboration and basic motion drafting. Students also work with the in-house social worker in developing holistic approaches, focused on resolving each child’s problem. 48 completed credits ICN or ICCC,
Recommended: Professional
Responsibility,  Evidence, Juvenile Law and Child, Parent and State
Class: T/W 1:00-2:50pm and an additional 10 hours of office hours per week.  Additional time for client work as needed. YES 8 Pass/Fail 6
Intimate Partner Violence Assistance Clinic (IPVAC) Certified Legal interns litigate such issues as injunctions for protection against domestic violence and immigration. Law students work closely with a licensed clinical social worker and victim advocate to provide wrap-around services with a focus on trauma informed practices. Students appear in court at least one time each term and are involved in all aspects of their cases from initial interviews, litigation strategies, pleadings, discovery, final hearings and, if necessary, appeals. IPVAC works closely with law enforcement, the Office of the State Attorney, as well as the College of Medicine and other community partners. 48 completed credits ICN or ICCC,
Recommended: Professional
Responsibility, and Evidence
Class: M/W 9:00- 10:50am. Expect to work 15 hours per week on Clinic work. YES 8 Pass/Fail 6
County Court Mediation Clinic The County Court Mediation Clinic provides an opportunity for students to acquire skills and real-world experience in mediation. In addition to the intensive training component, students will participate in the mentorship component of the course which takes place primarily at the Alachua County Family/Civil Justice Center on Friday mornings. Students will observe and co-mediate actual small claims cases including landlord-tenant, auto accident, insurance, credit card debt, and neighborhood issues. Additionally, with the completion of all of the prerequisites, students may acquire status as a County Court Mediator, certified by the Florida Supreme Court. 2L or 3L class standing NONE Friday from 8:00am until 12:00pm NO 8 Pass/Fail 3
Criminal Defense
The Criminal Defense Clinic provides students with an opportunity to defend indigent clients charged with criminal offenses under the direct supervision of a licensed Criminal Defense Attorney. Students will become familiar with court proceedings such as first appearances, bail hearings, arraignments, pleas, jury trials, and sentencing hearings; and will put their understanding of substantive law, procedural rules, constitutional dictates, and advocacy to the test in the complex world of criminal practice. 48 completed credits Evidence, and Criminal Procedure Adversary Systems or Police Practices and any course of at least 3 credits from the recommended courses list. Preference will be given to students who have taken Criminal Litigation, Trial Practice or Trial Advocacy. Class: M, 1-3:00pm.
Students should expect to work a minimum of 25 hours per week in the Public Defender’s Office or Regional Conflict Counsel’s
YES 8 6 Pass/Fail 3 Graded 9
Prosecution Clinic The Prosecution Clinic provides students with an opportunity to perform as interns in the actual practice of law under the direct supervision of licensed Assistant State Attorneys. Students become involved in all aspects of the prosecution of criminal cases, including intake, investigation, discovery, pretrial proceedings, trial, and sentencing. 48 completed credits Evidence, Trial Practice or Trial Advocacy, and Criminal Procedure Adversary Systems or Police Practices Class: There will be one, 2 hour class meeting once a week. Students must work 25 hours per week at the State Attorney’s Office. YES 8 6 Pass/Fail 3 Graded 9
Conservation Clinic The Conservation Clinic is an initiative of the Environmental and Land Use Law Program at the Fredric G. Levin College of Law. Housed at the law school’s Center for Governmental Responsibility, the clinic offers both law and graduate students the opportunity to work on cutting edge environmental and land use law and policy issues. Students are expected to bill a total of 30 hours towards their clinic project and other Clinic Activities. 2L or 3L class standing All Students must submit an application to the Clinic Director. Environmental and/or Land Use Law Courses Class: Th., 2:00-4:00 The Clinic will meet every week in a seminar format and on an individual project basis. NO Limited to 12 per semester Pass/Fail 3