Levin College of Law

Externship Program

Welcome from the Director of Externship Programs

Welcome to the University of Florida Levin College of Law Academic Externship Program. Externships combine work experience in a law practice setting with an academic component and allow students to earn academic credit for their experiences.

On a year-round basis, our students participate in a wide variety of externships at sites throughout the United States. Student may extern with a state or federal court; a federal, state or local agency; a public interest or legal services organization, or a corporate general counsel’s office.

We encourage students to participate in externships in order to: begin applying the doctrine learned in school to the practice of law; explore practice areas in which they have an interest; develop the professional skills needed in their future careers; develop a career network; and begin creating their legal resumes.

Our office works with students to identify existing opportunities that match the student’s interests or to find new opportunities.

We also work with attorneys and judges who would like to work with our students. If you are interested in becoming an approved externship site, please complete the new externship site form and return it to externships@law.ufl.edu.

Students may begin the registration process by completing the Externship Questionnaire.

Externship credits vary depending on the number of hours a student works, and students may register for 2-6 credits.

In order for a student to participate in an externship, the student must have completed the first year of law school.

Externship opportunities are frequently posted on Symplicity.

Professor Sarah Wolking
Director of Externships

Professor Silvia Menendez
Assoc. Dean for Experiential Learning