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  • Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany

    Frankfurt is birthplace of Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe; hence, the name of one of the biggest universities in Germany and its most influential institution. Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitat is one of ten universities in Frankfurt with 35,443 enrolled students from 117 different nations. More than 170 different courses are taught in 21 different departments including law, theology, education, history and archeology. Each year, the University hosts close to 200 scholars from all over the world, among them a remarkable number of internationally distinguished Alexander von Humboldt Award recipients. Teaching and research programs are offered by 680 tenured professors supported by numerous honorary and non-tenured professors, teaching assistants and administrative staff.

    The university library system includes: the German Library – a collection of books published in German since 1945, the Senckenberg Library – a collection of science books, and a host of other smaller collections with total of 10 million books and 75,000 academic journals.

    The language of instruction is German. Oral and written examinations are in German, unless otherwise indicated. The program runs from April through July. The application deadline is in September. Note: only credits will be transferred to a student’s record, not the grades themselves. The UF – Frankfurt Program is ABA approved and exclusive for UF law students.

    Area Profile

    Hardly anyone traveling to Central Europe can pass up Frankfurt. Whether you arrive by plane, car, train or boat you’ll find yourself in one of the most important hubs of commerce, transportation and tourism in Central Europe. Frankfurt is a global center of international banking, a busy trade center and a major conference site. It is home for more than 400 banks, of which 277 are foreign, the European Monetary Institute, and one of the most important European stock exchanges, with a total turnover of 553 trillion marks. The city also hosts more than 200 advertising and public relations agencies, 168 insurance companies, and more than 3,000 foreign companies.

    Since the Middle Ages, Frankfurt’s strategic location at the crossroads of main trade routes has made it a focal point for traders north of the Alps. With just under 650,000 inhabitants and another 300,000 commuters, Frankfurt is Germany´s financial capital and one of its most important commercial and industrial centers. Its central location and well-developed service infrastructure also makes Frankfurt one of Germany´s leading communication centers.

    Heathrow, Charles de Gaulle and Frankfurt’s Airport, with about 40 million passengers and 1.5 million tons of air cargo per year, make up one of the most important centers of air traffic in Europe. Frankfurt´s Central Railway Station is the busiest in all of Europe. Hosting about 50,000 meetings, seminars and congresses per year, the city is even more than a first-rank business meeting point with global appeal – it’s where ideas are born and decisions are made.

    Frankfurt, also known as the Rhein-Main region, has always been a fascinating metropolis full of contrasts and new ideas. With almost 28 percent of its inhabitants of foreign origin, Frankfurt is one of the most multi-cultural cities in Germany. Its cultural configuration offers visitors a collection of museums unique in Germany, many notable attractions and a wide variety of activities. Frankfurt’s culinary reputation has also extended well beyond its borders. The city and its nearby communities boast about their outstanding chefs and restaurants. Besides the extraordinary gourmet restaurants and the international cuisine of its first class hotels, there are many places where visitors can enjoy typical local food.

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