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    Founded in the 10th century, Montpellier is situated in the sunny region of Languedoc, only six miles from the Mediterranean coast, and around 60 miles from the Pyrenees mountains. Montpellier was known as a trade center due to its location at the intersection of important paths: the salt road and the pilgrimage route which started from Northern Europe and to Santiago de Compostela, in Northwestern Spain.  Unlike many other cities in the region, Montpellier is not of Roman origin, but possesses a vast heritage of Roman occupation and a historic center dating from the middle ages that retains the authenticity of its origins as a medieval city.

    Modern Montpellier, capital of the region, does not limit itself to just being a historic city. Currently considered a Eurocity, it stands in the forefront of research and international business. The city of Montpellier is young and dynamic, welcoming more than 60,000 students every year within its three universities. It offers state-of-the-art sporting facilities, including the football stadium that hosted the 1998 Soccer World Cup and the 2007 Rugby World Cup. Students can find a number of cultural attractions and entertainment in the many concert halls and theaters. There are many prestigious fine art, archeological and historical collections in its various museums. The city of Montpellier is linked to other major European cities via TGV, the Montpellier Mediterranean International Airport, and several other motorways. Barcelona is two, and Nice is four hours away by car.

    Considered an ancient university, Montpellier University won an international reputation in 1137 in the field of Medicine and in 1160 in the field of Law. The Montpellier School of Law, established in the 12th Century, took part in drafting the Napoleonic Civil Code, which still applies in France and serves as a model for all countries governed by Civil Law. In 1998, the faculty of Law, one of seven faculties of Montpellier University, was remodeled in the medieval inner city, where 7,000 students benefit from its facilities. The law school offers a wide choice of subjects in the field of law and political sciences and is engaged in varied international relationships that comprise more than 70 nationalities, mostly European.

    The Montpellier Exchange program is an exclusive exchange program for UF law students. It offers students the opportunity to totally immerse themselves in French culture and law. Students enrolled in this program attend the courses of the Master of International Trade Law with European students. Courses in this Master program are taught half in English and half in French. Exams can be written in English. The program runs in the Fall and in the Spring semester. Applications must be made three months in advance. While some fluency in French is helpful, students with a basic French knowledge may also apply. Their courses will be designed to include less classes and more written work. Considering that law courses in France involve more hours in class and less reading at home, it takes 3,000 minutes of class to obtain three credits in Montpellier. As a consequence of this conversion scale, 3 credits approximately corresponds to three weeks in Montpellier.

    Note: Only credits will be transferred to a student’s record, not the grades themselves.

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    Exchange Application 2018-19

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