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Interviewing Policies & Procedures

When participating in recruiting, whether on-campus or off-campus, it is important to be mindful that not only do your interactions with employers impact your career potential, but that you also serve as an ambassador for the law school and your fellow law students. It is, therefore, vital that you exhibit the highest level of professionalism in all of your contacts with prospective employers. Please remember that the legal community is a close knit group and lawyers from different firms do talk and share stories about their interviewing experiences. Just as we expect employers to respect our students, we expect our students to act professionally and be equally respectful of the time and effort that participating law schools, employers and other students spend coordinating and participating in these events. We want to help you succeed and the following policies are designed to foster the professional reputation of the law school and ALL of its students.

Contacting Employers: Students are prohibited from directly applying to participating employers until AFTER the employer has completed their interviews either on-campus, or at the recruiting event in which you are participating. Violation of this policy will result in removal from the interview program for the semester. ***There is one exception to this rule. If a student is applying to a federal government employer (i.e. IRS, Army, SEC) who has an online application deadline, follow the employer’s instruction.

Failure to Appear / No-Show: Failing to appear for a scheduled interview is viewed by the employer as disrespectful and unprofessional. It is also unfair to alternates who were not granted an initial interview. The student who misses an interview is required to send a letter of apology to the employer with a copy to the Dean of the law school, the Executive Board (if an off-campus recruitment event) and the Center for Career Development within 3 business days of the interview date. Failure to do so will result in the removal from any further participation in recruiting events, on- or off-campus, for the remainder of that academic year.


  1. Profile Updates: Students MUST keep their profile up to date with a current email address, telephone numbers, class year and graduation date. Keeping this information updated ensures students’ access to the appropriate employers as well as accurate and effective communication.
  2. Visiting Students:
    • A) UF Law students attending another law school as a visiting student may participate in UF Law’s OCI program only if the student will physically attend interviews at UF Law AND is not participating in the host school’s recruitment program. Otherwise, visiting students may contact the firms directly only AFTER they have interviewed on our campus.
    • B) Students visiting UF Law from another law school may not participate in UF’s OCI program during the semester they are enrolled at UF Law.
  3. Graduates: Alumni are not eligible to participate in OCI.
  4. Decline/Cancel an Interview: Students should make a good faith effort to research firms and realistically assess the likelihood of accepting a position before bidding. Therefore, barring unforeseen circumstances, no student should need to decline interviews. Students may, however, decline two (2)on-campus interviews, whether scheduled or not, during each recruiting semester.To decline: Complete an OCI Interview Decline Form available on the web and in the Center for Career Development and bring it in to the CCD as soon as the need to decline is determined. A decline must be submitted no later than 48 business hours prior to the scheduled interview day. If a student declines more than two interviews, the remainder of that student’s interviews will be automatically cancelled for the current semester.
  5. Late Declines/Cancellations: Employers receive their interview schedule two business days in advance of their visit. If interviews are not cancelled more than 48 business hours in advance, the student’s name appears on the employer’s interview schedule. Late cancellations irritate the employer thus reflecting poorly both on the student and the law school. Students are, therefore, required to send a letter of apology to the employer with a copy to Career Development at the time of the late decline/cancellation. Students will not be permitted to attend future interviews (including interviews scheduled for the following day) until the letter is received by Career Development. Late cancellations count toward the two-decline limit.
  6. Failure to Sign Up for an Interview: Failure to schedule an interview with an employer will result in the forfeiture of that interview. An alternate will be notified to accept your slot. YOUR forfeiture is considered a decline and will count toward the two-decline limit.
  7. Declining Alternate Slots: Whether before or after an interview slot becomes available, declining an alternate slot is a decline and will count towards the two-decline limit.


  1. Participation: It is a privilege for schools to participate in Off-Campus Recruiting Events. These events are exclusive to participating schools only. Rules and deadlines are set by the consortium of participating schools and are to be adhered to by all participants. No individual school has the ability to change or adjust these rules and deadlines.
  2. Attendance: Travel is required, which means students incur additional expenses. Sufficient consideration of the cost of participating should be given at the time of registration, and again before accepting an interview. Once the accept/decline date passes for an event, you are committed. Each job fair has a distinct policy, but for most job fairs it is expected that students who receive any interviews will be attending the event. Failure to abide by these policies may result in your disqualification from all recruitment events.
  3. Graduates: Alumni participation in recruiting events varies. Contact Career Development for details.

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Published: July 5th, 2013

Category: Career Services

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