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Dean’s Welcome Message – August 22, 2013

I am pleased, speaking also for our faculty and staff, to extend a heartfelt welcome to our new first-year students, to all of our returning second- and third-year students, to our transfer students, and to all of our LL.M. and other graduate students. I hope you had a pleasurable and productive summer, and it is […]

Dean’s Message: Levin College of Law Dean Transition – August 9, 2013

This morning I notified the Provost that the next academic year (2013-14) will be my last in the deanship. My last day as dean will be June 30, 2014, which will complete 11 years in this position. It has been my privilege and honor to serve as your dean, and accepting the offer extended to […]

Dean’s Message: Summer 2005

Found in Summer 2005 issue of UF Law magazine. In the living, breathing existence of a law school, the student body regenerates every three years. Faculty members and deans change somewhat less frequently. Changes in facilities, however, occur rarely and usually mark significant progress in the history of an institution. This will undoubtedly be true […]

Dean’s Message: Fall 2005

Found in Fall 2005 issue of UF Law magazine. No doubt, those first law students in 1909 would have smiled upon the recent celebration that brought together U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, students, faculty, alumni and friends to commemorate one of the most important events in our college’s history — completion of a major construction […]

Dean’s Message: Summer 2006

Found in Summer 2006 issue of UF Law magazine. We already have an excellent law school. But what will it take to make us a truly great law school? The formula is actually quite simple. First, we must continue to enroll outstanding students. After all, our students are the future leaders of our profession, and they are […]

Dean’s Message: Fall 2006

Found in Fall 2006 issue of UF Law magazine. As plans were being made for Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s visit to the law school, third year student Will Sexton sent me an e-mail expressing his excitement about her visit. He told me about a letter he had written to Justice Ginsburg in the ninth […]

Dean’s Statement: Oppose Hateful Speech and Actions

Sept 25, 2007 Last week some of our students noticed a stylized swastika and some lettering, which were probably intended to communicate an anti-Semitic message and were easily understood to have that meaning, affixed to an ashtray outside one of our law school buildings. When the symbols and lettering were brought to the attention of […]

Dean’s Message: Winter 2008

Originally published in UF Law magazine Winter 2008 (.pdf) In the Business of Shaping Leaders In the four and a half years I have been privileged to serve as the dean of your law school, I have learned a great deal about our traditions, our history, and the graduates who have walked through our halls. It is […]

Dean’s Statement on Diversity at the Levin College of Law

First Posted: Aug. 11, 2009 As the University of Florida Levin College of Law celebrates its 100-year anniversary and we prepare to begin a new academic year, it is timely for us to reflect on the value of diversity and our college’s efforts to ensure that our college is a supportive and welcoming environment for […]

Dean’s Message: Winter 2010

Originally published in UF Law magazine Winter 2010 Three Questions with Dean Jerry Q: The University of Florida is often referred to in terms of its achievements in athletics and research. How does the Levin College of Law contribute to UF’s success? No one enjoys cheering for the Gators more than I do, and we all […]