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Accounting for Lawyers

Course Number: LAW 6930 Credits: 2-3

This course teaches basic accounting to students with no prior background in accounting. It may be taught live or online. Coverage includes financial statements, including the income statement, the balance sheet, and the cash flow statement, accounting standards under generally accepted accounting principles, double-entry bookkeeping and construction of financial statements, auditing and federal disclosures, analysis of the Form 10-K, financial statement analysis, accounting for partnerships and corporations, time value of money and valuation. This course may have nongraded and graded interim assessments that must be completed as a part of the course requirements, as well as a final exam. Note: A student cannot register for this course if the student has had prior coursework in accounting or an undergraduate degree in either accounting or business; this course is for students who have had no exposure to accounting, and registration in violation of this policy is a violation of the Honor Code.