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Agricultural Law

Course Number: LAW 6474 Credits: VAR

This survey course is designed to provide job-ready information on a variety of agricultural and natural resource topics related to the practice of agricultural law. The focus of the course is in providing the student with real world information useful in implementing environmentally sound, socially acceptable and economically feasible field decisions involving the production of food, fiber and fuel. Topics addressed include the evolution of agricultural law and policy from its earliest beginnings through the modern farm bills. A sampling of other topics addressed include pesticide use and impact, an overview of key USDA regulatory agencies and key Florida Agricultural Laws of significance to the practitioner. Attorneys engaged in the practice of agricultural and natural resource law as well as subject matter experts will also address such topics as conservation easements, water management district permitting, wetland delineation, organic farming, crop insurance, seed law and litigation and agricultural law practice. Student evaluation will be based on class participation (20%) and the final exam.