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Artificial Intelligence & Tax Law: Theory and Practice (Compressed) (LLM)

Course Number: LAW 7931 Credits: 1

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most exciting and important developments of our time. Machine learning has and will continue to alter the way we conduct business and our lives and is transforming the nature of work. In law, artificial intelligence is raising both fundamental questions about how law is made and the role of machines in the analysis of contracts and statutes, the evolution of law, and the role of machines in legal decisions. In the legal practice, artificial intelligence is introducing radical changes into the lawyer’s role, how information is processed and how data is analyzed, and in the ability of lawyer’s to charge for their skills and expertise. All of these changes are evident in the field of tax law as well.

This course will consider the application of artificial intelligence and the challenges it poses to legal thought, tax law in particular. It also considers some of the practical ramifications of those changes for the daily practice of tax law.