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Business Ethics and Compliance for Lawyers

Course Number: LAW 6936 Credits: 2

This seminar will help students develop both substantive legal knowledge and practical skills in the areas of business ethics and compliance.  On the compliance front, students will gain an understanding of the legal and regulatory framework surrounding the design, implementation, and execution of an effective corporate compliance program, as well as current issues in corporate governance. On the ethics front, students will learn to deal with business ethics issues in a rational, pragmatic, responsible, and decisive manner through acquiring critical thinking skills. The course will involve a number of case studies that allow students to identify biases and logical fallacies that can affect the persuasiveness of one’s arguments, evaluate frameworks for reconciling legal ethical dilemmas, and an opportunity to satisfy the advanced writing requirement. This seminar provides an opportunity to satisfy the Advanced Writing Requirement.

Please see this working syllabus for more information.