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Business Transactions and Document Drafting

Course Number: LAW 6802 Credits: 2


  • Corporations(LAW 6063)
  • Legal Drafting(LAW 6807)

Registration for this class is through an application process, with applications available prior to Advance Registration. This 2-hour advanced business document drafting and transaction skills seminar and workshop is designed to enhance each student’s ability to transition from classroom to law office drafting and negotiating table, where a premium is placed on critical thinking, organization, focused client advocacy and competent, efficient and effective document drafting and transaction negotiation.  Senior attorneys at law firms and corporate legal departments, as well as clients, often complain that recent law school graduates arrive ill-equipped to make meaningful contributions to the (non litigation-related) “business” and tasks they are expected to assist with.  Although the drafting of documents (in particular, contracts) plays a key role in almost every area of the law, law school courses, course materials and legal drafting and writing workshops rarely deal with the “real world” approach, process, tactics and techniques for understanding, drafting and negotiating these documents (or their constituent parts).  In this Class, we will seek to (further) develop each student’s organizational, process, communication, analytic, drafting and negotiation skills (i) in the context of issues and challenges – as embodied in business documents and contracts – typically encountered by business and transactional lawyers, and (ii) through the development of skills and the understanding of tools, tactics and resources needed to start and complete drafting projects with confidence and proficiency.  This will be accomplished (or, at least, attempted in earnest) over the course of 14 class sessions held once weekly, through hands-on instruction, in-class and homework drafting and negotiation exercises and practical pointers, insights and guidance from four adjunct faculty members who are experienced corporate, finance, securities and M&A legal practitioners and who have guided, trained and mentored many junior business lawyers.