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Supreme Court 2022-2023 Term: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure and Habeas Cases Seminar

Course Number: LAW 6936 Credits: 2

This course will focus on criminal procedure and criminal law cases that are currently on the docket of the Supreme Court.  Each week, the class will read a substantial amount of materials in preparation for one case, including its lower court opinion, the briefs from each party, two sets of amicus briefs, and a Supreme Court opinion drafted by a member of the class. 

Students will also be expected to read the most significant Supreme Court precedents involving each case. Prior to each class session, each student will be responsible for writing a 5 page memo critiquing the readings of the week. Students will also be responsible for drafting one 20 page Supreme Court opinion to be distributed to and discussed by the class.  Criminal Procedure is not a prerequisite for this course. This does NOT satisfy the AWR.