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Federal Sentencing

Course Number: LAW 6930 Credits: 1

This course exposes students to the practice of federal sentencing, utilizing several real Pre-Sentence Reports, key sections of the United States Sentencing Guidelines critical judicial opinions (including several of my cases that the U.S. Supreme Court decided), law review, and social science articles. The focus is on federal drug sentencing, including the history of the original 100:1 crack/powder sentencing disparity and subsequent legislative and Guideline changes and judicial decisions. The interplay between statutory mandatory minimums and the Guidelines will be explored.  The course starts with a showing of the 2012 Sundance Grand Jury Prize winning documentary on the War on Drugs, The House I Live In, which I am in. The course concludes with a capstone panel discussion with a judge, a federal public defender, defense lawyer, AUSA, and Probation Officer.