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Florida Civil Procedure

Course Number: LAW 6303 Credits: 3


  • Civil Procedure(LAW 5301)

This is a practical course focusing on the tactical and strategic use procedural law governing Florida state civil litigation. The course explores in depth Florida procedural and substantive requirements regarding jurisdiction, venue, drafting pleadings, motions attacking the complainant, discovery practice including motion to compel, for protective orders and for sanctions, offers of judgment, punitive damages, multi-party litigation, the enhanced importance of electronically stored information in the litigation process, evidentiary  and discovery privileges, injunctions and preliminary injunctions, class certification practice, motions for summary judgment and post-trial motions seeking relief from judgements, and seeking attorney’s fees and costs. The course’s emphasis is the utilization of Florida rules of civil procedure from both the plaintiff’s and defendant’s perspective to advance the client’s best interests and when and how to implement tactical procedural steps including exploration of the necessary strategic decision-making process.