Levin College of Law

Course Number: LAW 6930 Credits: 3

In contrast to Health Law I which primarily considered issues of federal regulation relevant to hospitals and providers, Health Law II looks at legal issues more likely to be of direct concern to individuals. The two classes are separate and Health Law I is not a pre-requisite.

Topics will include: Informed Consent for Medical Treatment & Biomedical Research, Health Information Privacy and Cyber Security (including Telemedicine), The right to refuse care and the extent of the right to demand care, in situations such as organ donation, implementation of advanced directives. It will address these issues in the context of particular relevance to specific populations such as children, prisoners, detainees, newborns, pregnant women, veterans, populations who experience health disparities because of societal discrimination, nursing home residents, and those who may lack competency. Unlike Health Law I which considered the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, and Medicare from the perspective of employers and providers, this class will consider them from the perspective of those entitled by law to receive insurance through them.  Although this course will not offer a comprehensive treatment of medical malpractice law, it will cover the elements of negligence in the context of the remedies available to patients who believe they have suffered harm associated with receiving health care.