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Juvenile Rights and Re-Entry Seminar

Course Number: LAW 6930 Credits: 2

This seminar will expose students to contemporary issues in juvenile law, policy, and practice, through readings, individualized research, community engagement, and interaction with organizations involved in juvenile and criminal justice reform in Florida and across the country.  Our work will focus in particular on juvenile pre-trial detention, sentencing, incarceration, and community re-entry.  And it will culminate with each student producing a “white paper” relating to how such issues impact court-involved youth in Florida.  Beyond satisfying the upper-level writing requirement, “white papers” written for this course will serve as public education documents.  In the end the goal is to help shed light on a range of frequently “invisible” juvenile “justice” practices that may ultimately harm court-involved youth and offer suggestions for improvement through law, policy, interdisciplinary practices, and other innovations.