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Law and Literature

Course Number: LAW 6930 Credits: 2

This course will explore the intersection between law and literature. Literature is important for understanding law because it teaches a certain way of thinking — one that is synthetic, creative, and comfortable with ambiguity and ambivalence. Each class will explore one or more interrelated topics through a variety of literary and philosophical works. Readings will include works by Hawthorne, Shakespeare, Kafka, Dostoevsky, Capote, Garcia Marquez, Glaspell, and others. Topics will include: narrative, storytelling, and framing; custom, law and the political order; law, society, and power; interpretation, authority, and legitimacy; punishment, retribution, and redemption; and others. This course will provide an opportunity to think about the law in a new way, to read engaging works of fiction and non-fiction, and to examine the law from a humanistic and philosophical perspective.