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Law, Religion, and Ethics of Debt Seminar

Course Number: LAW 6936 Credits: 2

Debt is one of the most fraught concepts in law: empowering and binding lenders and borrowers into a relationship that is far more complex than most people realize.  This seminar will dig into debt across a broad range of contexts throughout commercial and consumer law.  No final exam.  Instead, students will have the chance to develop their own thought in a series of short response papers or one longer paper that will meet the AWR requirement for law students.   We will analyze and apply theories ranging from the economic analysis of law, critical legal theory, Islamic finance, the Jubilee tradition, American indigenous thought, and other approaches based on student interest.  Cross-registrants from other UF Colleges are encouraged to join the discussion.  For cross-registrants, enrollment is by instructor permission only and is capped at a small number of seats.  Please send a cover letter describing your background and interest, along with your resume, transcript, and a writing sample, to Professor Hampson.