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Probate and Estate Administration: Tax Considerations (Compressed) (LLM)

Course Number: LAW 7931 Credits: 1

The primary objective of this compressed course is to provide students with a workable knowledge of the fundamental concepts of probate and estate administration, and consideration of tax-related consequences in administering estates.  Topics include discussion of selected provisions of the Florida Probate Code (Chapter 733) and the Florida Probate Rules governing the administration of estates and probate procedure.   Additionally, students will gain on-hands experience in the preparation of probate documents, e-filing portal procedures, the role and duties of personal representative, estate management, creditor claims, special provisions for distributions, and closing procedures. Finally, this compressed course will conclude with a discussion of the fiduciary responsibility requirements for resolving the final tax of a decedent’s estate with an emphasis on the Estate’s Income Tax Form 1041, Estate and or Gift Tax Returns (Forms 706 or 709).