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Transformative Perspectives: Criminal Justice Inside-Out

Course Number: LAW 6930 Credits: 3

This course allows students to test and hone their theoretical understanding of various criminal justice and correctional issues. Based on the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program, this course brings together students from UF Law and incarcerated people at the Florida Department of Corrections to study the criminal justice system. Classes are held inside a prison and are focused on creating a vibrant learning community of incarcerated people (inside students) and those studying law (outside students). Topics include the causes of crime, the rationale for and critiques of the criminal justice system, prison education and re-entry, and alternatives to prosecution such as restorative justice. Through readings and discussion, students integrate their conceptual knowledge with lived experiences. Inside-Out emphasizes collaboration and dialogue, inviting participants to take leadership in addressing crime, justice, and other issues of social concern.