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Dean’s Message: Summer 2005

Found in Summer 2005 issue of UF Law magazine.

In the living, breathing existence of a law school, the student body regenerates every three years. Faculty members and deans change somewhat less frequently. Changes in facilities, however, occur rarely and usually mark significant progress in the history of an institution.

This will undoubtedly be true of the renovation nearing completion at the Levin College of Law — a $25 million construction project that virtually transforms the academic space of our campus.

Since the college opened in 1909, only a small number of buildings have housed the law school experience: Bryan Hall, Holland Hall and Bruton-Geer Hall. In August 2005, students will start the academic year with new library space, an ample supply of study rooms, new facilities for graduate students, two new educational towers that connect Holland and Bruton-Geer Halls, and 22 new classrooms with state-of-the-art technology. These are longawaited and long-anticipated changes, and none would have been possible without the support of more than 500 alumni and friends.

Thus, it is with pride, pleasure and gratitude that I introduce the annual report of the Law Center Association at the Levin College of Law. This report, which begins on page 49, summarizes the generous support our many alumni and friends provided to our law school during the fiscal year from July 1, 2003, to June 30, 2004 … support that yielded many enhancements to our academic program and contributed to the dramatic improvement of the physical facilities.

We know you expect us to use this space effectively, and we look forward to demonstrating what we can accomplish when it is finally completed. I believe you will be proud of what you helped build — not only the facilities, but also the future generations of Florida lawyers who will complete their studies here. We also want to thank alumni and friends in these pages for other kinds of support they continue to provide — professorships, student scholarships, programs and activities, student organizations, the library, the technology infrastructure and all complementary facets of our educational program. I speak for faculty, staff and students in thanking each and every one of you, and in affirming our promise to use your support wisely for the purpose of providing the best possible educational experience to the next generation of legal professionals. You are our true margin of excellence, and we gratefully acknowledge the vital role you play in our effort to prepare our students for the legal profession and to serve our state and nation well.

– Robert H. Jerry, II
Dean; Levin, Mabie and Levin Professor

Published: June 7th, 2012

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