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Dexter Delony leaves a lasting impression

Dexter DelonyProfessor Emeritus Dexter Delony, passed away Oct. 16, following a long illness. He was 91.

Delony taught at UF Law for more than 30 years, educating thousands of Florida’s lawyers and leaders, including former governors Lawton Chiles and Rueben Askew. As a professor, Delony was revered by his students for teaching classes that successfully combined a generous helping of both theoretical law and its application. He retired from UF Law in 1983 and stated he was very proud to have seen the dramatic increase in women law students during his tenure at UF.

Delony specialized in labor law, commercial law and arbitration, and was a nationally recognized and published authority in all three. Delony wrote Florida’s Uniform Commercial Code, and served for several years as chairman of
the Labor Law Council of the Association of American Law Schools.

Delony was recruited to the University of Florida in 1948 by then-President J. Hillis Miller from the University of Denver law school, where he served as an assistant professor. Before entering legal academia, Delony worked with Judge Beale at Beale & Delony in Tuscaloosa, Ala. He also worked as an attorney for the U.S. Department of Interior and the National Labor Relations Board.

Delony earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Alabama and his Juris Doctor from Harvard University. He was involved in numerous legal organizations and was a member of both the American Bar Association
and The Florida Bar.

He is survived by his wife of 66 years, Jean Campbell Delony, daughter, Christine Vigue, two sons, Charles and John, three grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

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