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Former Florida Supreme Court chief justice to serve as jurist-in-residence at UF College of Law

Charles T. Wells University of Florida Levin College of Law students will have the unique opportunity to tap into 43 years of experience and legal perspective of former Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court Charles T. Wells on Jan. 20-21 as he serves as the Peter T. Fay Jurist-in-Residence.

The Jurist-in-Residence Program, launched in 2009, brings experienced judges to campus to share their legal insights and experiences with students through participation in college activities and classroom discussions. In addition to attending classes and meeting with students, Wells, a 1964 graduate of UF Law whose legal experience spans 28 years in private practice and 15 years on the state’s highest court, including two years as chief justice, will give a presentation on Jan. 20. The lecture, to be held at UF Law’s new Martin H. Levin Advocacy Center from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., will focus on Wells’ involvement in the infamous vote recount of the 2000 U.S. presidential election, Bush. v. Gore.

“I am certainly honored and privileged to have been invited to be the 2010 Peter T. Fay Jurist-in-Residence,” Wells said. “I feel particularly this way because of my long friendship and admiration for Judge Fay. Judge Fay has led and influenced me throughout my entire career by his high standards of professionalism and excellence and the significant contributions he has made to our profession through his service as a lawyer and a jurist.”

The Peter T. Fay Jurist-in-Residence Program was made possible by a generous donation from U.S. District Court Judge Paul C. Huck, a 1965 UF Law graduate who wanted to honor Fay for his dedication to the professional development of young attorneys. Judge Fay served as the inaugural jurist-in-residence in 2009.

“Justice Wells will be an extraordinary resource and mentor for our students,” said Jennifer Zedalis, UF legal skills professor, director of Trail Practice and chair of the Jurist-in-Residence Program Committee. “He has served as our chief justice, and he has participated in landmark decisions ranging from capital punishment to the electoral process. He brings more wisdom and experience to our school than we could possibly describe.”

For more information on the Peter T. Fay Jurist-in-Residence Program contact Jennifer Zedalis at 352-273-0814 or zedalis@law.ufl.edu.

For more information on Charles T. Wells visit www.floridasupremecourt.org/justices/wells.shtml.

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