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Judge Black (JD 67) visits UF Law to share tips, wisdom as 2011 Jurist-in-Residence

Judge Susan Black

Judge Susan H. Black (JD 67) of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals visited UF Law last month. (Photo by Nicole Safker)

By Nicole Safker

The University of Florida Levin College of Law welcomed Judge Susan H. Black (JD 67) of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals as the 2011 Peter T. Fay Jurist-in-Residence from Feb. 1-3.

The Jurist-in-Residence Program brings judges to UF Law to provide insights to students and faculty on a broad range of issues relating to the judicial process, substantive law, trial and appellate advocacy and the day-to-day practice of law.

Judge Black was appointed as a United States District Judge for the Middle District of Florida and held that position from 1979 to 1992. In 1992, she was appointed to the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit by President George H.W. Bush. During her visit to Levin College of Law, Judge Black participated in a number of activities at the law school and spent a significant amount of time speaking with students.

Judge Black spoke in several law classes, had breakfast and lunch with students, tea with faculty and participated in informal talks where students could engage in one-on-one conversations with Black. In addition to speaking about judicial process and decision-making, Black also addressed the practical aspects of lawyering during her visit, including the importance of professionalism, how to present oneself and advice on entering the job market in the legal world.

Judge Black spoke with various student groups, including the Florida Law Review. She also spoke to 1Ls in four classroom appearances with Professors Stinneford, Wihnyk, Mazur and Lear.

Judge Black also met with the Trial Practice class in the newly completed courtroom at the Martin H. Levin Advocacy Center. Senior Legal Skills Professor Jennifer Zedalis, who is the director of UF Law's Trial Practice Program and also chairs the Jurist-In-residence program at the College, said Judge Black's visit was a great success.

"I think the program was wonderfully successful," Zedalis said. "My impression was that she couldn't wait to talk to these students."

The UF Law Jurist-in-Residence Program was named to honor UF Law alum Peter T. Fay of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit. Fay served as the inaugural jurist-in-residence in 2009 and former Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court Charles T. Wells served as jurist-in-residence in 2010.