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Two UF Law grads to be honored at annual Heritage of Leadership Ceremony

Warren M. Cason, D. Burke Kibler III

Warren M. Cason (JD 50) and D. Burke Kibler III (JD 49) will be inducted into the law school's Heritage of Leadership Society April 8.

Alumni are invited to the annual Heritage of Leadership Induction Ceremony and celebration at the Levin College of Law Friday, April 8.

The late Warren M. Cason (JD 50) and the late D. Burke Kibler III (JD 49) will be inducted into the law school's Heritage of Leadership Recognition Society as their lives will be celebrated and achievements honored in the Chesterfield Smith Ceremonial Classroom (Holland 180). The ceremony will be followed by food and entertainment in the Marcia Whitney Schott Courtyard.

Cason and Kibler's images and a few of their most significant accomplishments will be etched into glass on the second floor of Holland Hall as a permanent tribute to their contributions to the state and the university. An electronic interactive display accompanies the glass etching.

The April 8 event begins at 4 p.m. and is sponsored by Holland & Knight, a law firm which both distinguished attorneys served, including Kibler as chairman from 1983 to 1995.

Kibler, 1924-2009, served as second lieutenant during World War II in Europe where he was a forward artillery observer and was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. He was a tireless advocate of higher education and served as chairman of the Board of Regents, governing body for Florida's university system.

Cason, 1924-2010, served during World War II in the Pacific Theater, was chairman of the Law Center Association Board of Trustees, director of the UF Athletic Association and president of the UF Foundation. He was a State Road Board member, the Tampa city attorney, the Hillsborough County attorney and was senior partner with Holland & Knight.

Cason and Kibler join 27 others in the Heritage of Leadership Recognition Society, representing illustrious personalities in the history of the University of Florida College of Law, which was founded in 1909. Members are pre-eminent graduates and others who have been involved in the college in very significant ways. They assumed national leadership positions and distinguished themselves in legal, governmental, academic and corporate sectors. They labored to improve the administration of justice and received the highest commendations for contributions to the profession and service to education, civic, charitable and cultural causes.

Members of the Heritage of Leadership Recognition Society are selected by the Heritage of Leadership Committee, which presents the slate for discussion and approval to the full membership of the the University of Florida Law Center Association, Inc. Board of Trustees.