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UF Law Jessup Moot Court Team makes historic run at international competition

Jessup Moot Court

Back row from left: Jennifer Shepard, Matt Kozyra, Jason Taylor and Steven Blickensderfer; Front row: Christian Packard, Amy Levenberg, Mai Tran, Katherine Mockler and Marissa Krumm at the international competition in Houston. (Photo submitted by the team)

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The University of Florida Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court team set a new record for UF at this year's U.S. South Super Regional Competition. The competition team, composed of Amy Levenberg (2L), Marissa Krumm (2L), Katherine Mockler (2L), Christian Packard (2L) and Mai Tran (2L), and coached by team President Jason Taylor (3L) and Vice President Steven Blickensderfer (3L), competed against 23 other law schools last month in Houston.

In addition to receiving an award for submitting a top-ranked memorial, the team advanced to the semifinalist round of the international competition. Named as one of the top four teams in the South, the team broke the record set by last year's UF team.

In advancing to the semifinals, the UF team unseated the top-ranked University of Georgia School of Law, which had been the reigning champions of the South Super Regionals for the past several years.

Presenting sophisticated arguments on often-undeveloped topics in international law before a mock International Court of Justice required a significant amount of preparation and practice. Guided by student coaches Taylor and Blickensderfer, team members invested 10 to 15 hours each week practicing, discussing and shaping arguments, while taking their normal full-time class schedule.

"I am very proud of everyone on this team," said Jon Mills, dean emeritus and faculty advisor of the team. "Through hard work and dedication, our team has established our college as a major force in the premier international law competition."

The team has barely paused to savor this record-setting victory, as its attention has already turned to next year's competition. Levenberg, rising vice president of the Jessup team, said, "We are all really proud of how well we did as a team. And now we're ready to prepare next year's team to win the International Rounds."