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UF law professor named to Judicial Nominating Commission for federal posts

by Scott Emerson
Senior Writer

A University of Florida professor of law has been tapped to serve on the Florida Judicial Nominating Commission. Nominees recommended by the JNC for federal judges, U.S. attorneys and marshals will be among the first considered by the newly-installed Obama Administration.

Jon Mills, a UF Levin College of Law alumni, dean emeritus, professor of law, director for the UF Center for Governmental Responsibility, and former Florida Speaker of the House has accepted an appointment by senators Bill Nelson and Mel Martinez to serve a two-year term on the Florida Judicial Nominating Commission (JNC).

“I’m glad to participate in the selection process for new federal judges and prosecutors. Objective, non-partisan and high quality appointments are central to America’s justice system,” Mills said. “I look forward to working with senators Nelson and Martinez and other commission members to assure the best options for President Obama’s appointments.”

The Florida JNC is a 56-member commission charged with the thorough review and recommendation of the most qualified candidates to serve as U.S. District Court Judges, U.S. Attorneys and U.S. Marshals in Florida. Once the nominations are approved by U.S. senators Bill Nelson and Mel Martinez, the names of the nominees are presented to the White House for the president’s consideration.

Mills will serve on the JNC Northern District Commission. There are a total of 12 UF College of Law graduates serving on the Florida JNC Commission.

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