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Heritage of Leadership Class of 2010 inductees

To permanently honor outstanding and notable alumni of the University of Florida Levin College of Law and their contributions to the state and University, the Law Center Association Board of Trustees established the Heritage of Leadership Recognition Society. The Selection Committee determined the initial classes of inductees, barring exceptional circumstances, would be honored posthumously. The Class of 2010 inductees are James J. Freeland (Class of 1954) and Raymer F. Maguire (Class of 1948).

James J. Freeland

James J. Freeland
Class of 1954
University of Florida Professor of Law (1957-95). Co-founder and Director, UF College of Law Graduate Tax Program (1977-82). UF Distinguished Faculty Award (1968); UF Distinguished Service Professor (1982); The Florida Bar Tax Section’s inaugural Outstanding Tax Attorney (1982).


Raymer F. Maguire Jr.

Raymer F. Maguire Jr.
Class of 1948
Partner, Maguire Voorhis & Wells. President, Florida Blue Key (1947-48); President, UF Alumni Association (1959-60); Director, UF Foundation Board of Directors (1959-70, 1972-81); Founding Chairman (1967-72) and Trustee, Valencia Community College Board of Trustees (1967-86); UF Distinguished Alumnus (1975).


Heritage of Leadership selection committee

  • Michael D. Minton, JD 81, Chair, Fort Pierce
  • Eugene K. Pettis, JD 85, Vice Chair, Fort Lauderdale
  • Scott G. Hawkins, JD 83, West Palm Beach
  • Kimberly L. Johnson, JD 81, Naples
  • Brian M. O'Connell, JD 79, West Palm Beach
  • Hon. Benjamin F. Overton, JD 52, Emeritus Faculty, Gainesville
  • S. Austin Peele, JD 63, Lake City
  • W. Crit Smith, JD 78, Tallahassee

Classes: 2010, 2009, 2007, 2006, 2005, First 12 Inductees