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2010 incoming class best-credentialed in UF Law history

The entering Class of 2013 set a new record in terms of their collective GPA - with metrics that compare favorably to those previously reported by the nation's top 25 law schools - and LSAT - with metrics resembling those of the top 40 law schools. The credentials of these first-year law students reinforce UF Law's reputation as a top-tier national law school, and enhance the school's ability to recruit high-caliber students. It builds on the trend of an increasingly well-qualified student body in recent years.

"We are pleased that, once again, this entering class is the best-credentialed in our history," said Dean Robert Jerry. "They are outstanding additions to the UF Law Gator Nation."

Dean Jerry reported the credentials to the faculty during a retreat on Aug. 19.

The new 1L class, comprised of 310 students, boasts a median LSAT score of 162 (up from 161 in 2009) and a median GPA score of 3.67. The class also holds the record for the greatest percentage of minority students enrolled, 26.8 percent, up nearly 3 percent from 2009. Of the more than 3,500 applicants to UF Law, only about 24 percent were admitted.

With 46 percent of the fall 2010 entering class having been out of college for one or more years, this new crop of 1Ls bring a range of educational and practical experiences with them. The class represents 74 undergraduate colleges and universities throughout the nation, including Brown University, Cornell University, Georgetown University, Northwestern University, Princeton University, the University of California Los Angeles, the University of Chicago, the University of Florida, the University of Notre Dame, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Texas-Austin.

Class Size: 310
Median LSAT/GPA: 162/3.67
LSAT 75th/25th percentile: 164/160
GPA 75th/25th percentile: 3.84/3.44
Women: 42%
Minorities: 27%
Out-of-state: 10%
Average Age: 23
Age Range: 20 - 37
Out of college 1- 4 years: 40%
Out of college 5+ years: 6%
Undergrad colleges represented: 74