Faculty Expertise: Legal Document Drafting

Deborah Cupples

Photo of Cupples

Master Legal Skills Professor

Email: cupples@law.ufl.edu Phone: (352) 273-0660

Expertise: Art Law  • Contract Negotiation and Drafting  • Legal Document Drafting  • 

Silvia Menendez

Photo of Menendez

Associate Dean for Experiential Learning

Email: menendezs@law.ufl.edu Phone: (352) 273-0740

Expertise: Estates & Trusts  • Exempt Organizations  • Legal Document Drafting  • 

Margaret Temple-Smith

Photo of Temple-Smith

Senior Legal Skills Professor

Email: TempleS@law.ufl.edu Phone: (352) 273-0660

Expertise: Legal Document Drafting  • 

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