Levin College of Law

Amy R. Mashburn

Ed Rood Eminent Scholar Chair
Professor of Law

Mailing Address:
Box #117625 Gainesville, FL 32611

(352) 273-0660



J.D., University of Florida (with high honors)
B.A., Eckerd College

Teaching and Scholarship

Civil Procedure, Professional Responsibility, Legal Ethics.

Professional Activities

  • University of Florida: Joined College of Law in 1990 as Assistant Professor. Named Associate Professor 1993, Professor, 1995.
  • Private Practice: Dean Mead Egerton Bloodworth Capouano & Bozarth, Orlando, Fla. (1987-90)
  • Professional Affiliations: The Florida Bar (Standing Committee on Professionalism and Professionalism Ethics Committee), American Bar Association.


Civil Procedure - LAW 5301
  • Analysis of a civil lawsuit from commencement through trial, including consideration of jurisdiction, venue, pleading, motions, discovery, and joinder of parties and of claims; right to trial by jury, selection and instruction of jury, respective roles of judge, jury, and lawyer; trial and post-trial motions; judgments.
Administrative Law - LAW 6520
  • Analysis of the administrative process, with an emphasis on the activities of federal regulatory agencies. Topics include legislative delegations of authority to agencies, executive branch controls, rulemaking and adjudicatory procedures, due process rights, and the scope of judicial review of administrative decision making.



  • “Citations, Justifications, and the Troubled State of Legal Scholarship: An Empirical Study,” 3 Tex. A&M L. Rev. 45 (2015) (with Jeff Harrison) [SSRN]
  • “Making Civility Democratic,” 47 Hous. L. Rev. 1147 (2011) [bepress]
  • “The Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Fiduciary Duty to Clients with Mental Disability,” 68 Fordham L. Rev. 1581 (2000) (w/ Christopher Slobogin). [bepress]
  • “Pragmatic Professionalism: An Exercise in Applied Ethics,” 2 Hofstra J. Inst. for the Study of Legal Ethics 101 (1999).
  • “The Three Faces of Eve: Difference, Dominance, and Beyond,” in Feminist Jurisprudence, Women and the Law: Critical Essays (Fred. B. Rothman Publications, 1999, Betty Taylor, Sharon Rush & Robert J. Munro eds.).