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Blake Hudson

Samuel T. Dell Professor
Professor of Law
Co-Director, Environmental and Land Use Law Program

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Professor Blake Hudson is the Samuel T. Dell Professor of Law and the Co-director of the Environmental & Land Use Law Program.

Professor Hudson’s recent research has focused on the intersection of land use law, policy, and planning with natural resource management, with particular emphasis on the role of forest management in combatting climate change and the implications of land development for long-term natural resource management. His research has also centered on the “commons” and the complicated role of private property rights and government institutions as solutions to commons dilemmas. He has further assessed how the issues of federalism and constitutional structure have the potential to both complicate and resolve land use and natural resource management issues at the state, federal, and international levels. His articles are forthcoming or have been published in the Washington and Lee Law Review, Indiana Law Journal, Georgia Law Review, Alabama Law Review, Florida Law Review, Hastings Law Journal, Arizona State Law Journal, University of Colorado Law Review, Tulane Law Review, Florida State University Law Review, Connecticut Law Review, and BYU Law Review, among a variety of other legal and peer-reviewed journals. His book, Constitutions and the Commons: The Impact of Federal Governance on Local, National, and Global Resource Management, was published by Resources for the Future/Earthscan in 2014. He is currently working on a comprehensive book on public and private forest science, law, policy, and management.

Professor Hudson obtained his bachelor’s degree in both biology and history, as well as minors in pre-law and political science, at the University of Montevallo, where he was a scholar-athlete. He graduated with high honors from Duke University School of Law, and also graduated with a Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Policy from Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment. Prior to joining UF Law in 2020, Professor Hudson was an assistant professor of law at Stetson University College of Law from 2009 to 2012, held a joint appointment as a full professor of law with the LSU Law Center and the LSU College of the Coast & Environment from 2012 to 2017, and was the A.L. O’Quinn Chair in Environmental Studies at the Houston Law Center from 2017 to 2020). He practiced law from 2007-2009 at the law firm of Baker Botts in Houston, Texas.


J.D. Duke University School of Law (High Honors)
M.A. Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment
B.A. University of Montevallo (Magna Cum Laude)

Teaching & Scholarship

Natural Resources Law, Property Law, Environmental Law, Water Law, Land Use Law, International Environmental Law, Ocean and Coastal Law & Policy


  • Natural Resources Law Seminar
  • Property
  • Water Law



  • Forest Resource Management: U.S. Forest Law, Policy, and Science in a Global Context (Springer forthcoming 2023)
  • Routledge Handbook of the Study of the Commons, Editor (Abingdon, UK: Routledge/Taylor & Francis, 2019) (with Jonathan Rosenbloom & Dan Cole) [Link]
  • Natural Resources Law: Private Rights & The Public Interest (West Academic Publishing, 2015) (with Eric Freyfogle & Michael Blumm) [Link]
  • Constitutions and the Commons: The Impact of Federal Governance on Local, National, and Global Resource Management, Washington, D.C.: RFF Press (2014) [Link]

Select Articles

Book Chapters

  • Time and Tragedy: The Problem of Temporal Commons, in The Cambridge Handbook of Commons Research Innovations 55 (Sheila Foster and Christie Swiney, eds., 2021)
  • Take the Power Back: Raging Against the Local Land Use Machine, in Environmental Law. Disrupted  175(Jessica Owley et al., eds., Routledge 2021)
  • Wood-based Biomass and Electricity in the United States: A Case Study in Scientific and Policy Uncertainty, in Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law: Volume IX Energy Law & The Environment (Martha Roggenkamp et al., eds., 2021) (with Louis-Narito Harada)
  • Doctrinal Environmental Constitutionalism: Moral Limitations on Property Rights in the United States as Human Rights, in Encyclopedia of Human Rights & the Environment (James R. May & Erin Daly, eds., Elgar, 2019)
  • Introduction: Commons Analytical Frameworks & Case Studies, in Routledge Handbook of the Study of the Commons (Blake Hudson, Jonathan Rosenbloom, & Dan Cole, eds., 2019)
  • Biomass Feedstocks, in Legal Pathways to Deep Decarbonization in the United States, with Uma Outka (Michael Gerrard & John Dernbach, eds., 2018)
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