Levin College of Law

Jerold H. Israel

Emeritus Professor



L.L.B., Yale Law School
B.B.A., Western Reserve University

Teaching and Scholarship

Criminal Procedure, grand juries, white collar crime


Current Books

  • Advanced Criminal Procedure (with Kamisar, et. al.) 14th ed., West Academic, 2015
  • Basic Criminal Procedure (with Kamisar, et. al), 14th ed., West Academic, 2015
  • Criminal Procedure and the Constitution (with Kamisar, et. al.) annual editions (1988-2015), West Academic, 2015
  • Criminal Procedure Hornbook (with LaFave, et. al.), 5th ed., West Academic, 2009
  • Criminal Procedure (a 7 volume treatise) (with LaFave, et. al.) 4th ed., Thomson Reuters, 2015 (also on Westlaw, database CRIMPROC)
  • Criminal Procedure: Constitutional Limitations in a Nutshell (with LaFave), 8th ed., West Academic, 2014
  • White Collar Crime Hornbook (with Podgor, et. al), West Academic, 2013
  • White Collar Crime in a Nutshell (with Podgor), 5th ed., West Academic, 2015
  • White Collar Crime: Law and Practice (with Podgor et. al.), 4th ed., West Academic, 2015

Representative Law Reviews / Journals

  • Free-Standing Due Process and Criminal Procedure: The Supreme Court’s Search for Interpretive Guidelines, 45 St. Louis University Law Journal 303 (2001)