Spring Class Placement Nears 80 percent

Published: June 5th, 2000

Category: News

“At graduation” increase due to student efforts, Career Services programs Placement at graduation for the law school’s Spring 2000 class is 78 percent — the best in many years, and a rate equivalent to other top tier law schools. The number is expected to further increase once remaining job-seekers pass the bar exam.


The law school’s placement “at graduation” rate has steadily increased over the past four years. Students are considered “placed” if they have job offers at graduation, are planning to go on to LL.M. programs, or are not currently seeking employment.


The steady increase in the rate is attributed to a strong job market, student efforts, and strengthened programs from the Center for Career Services under the direction of Assistant Dean Brian Lewis.


“It’s also a testimonial to how much employers value our students and to the strength of a UF law degree,” said Lewis. Associate Dean for Student Affairs Gail Sasnett said, “Our students have worked very hard to improve their marketability and reach out to potential employers. Our Center for Career Services has also stepped up efforts to train students in effective job search techniques, help them gain job experience and develop contacts with law firms and other employers.”


Career Service programs such as the awardwinning Pro Bono Program and externships enable students to gain real-life experience they can put on their resumes, while workshops and seminars offer training in everything from resume writing to interview skills.


Only seven of 218 students in the Spring 2000 class have not been accounted for. It is vital students respond to the Career Services survey after graduation, since placement rates play an important role in law school rankings.


For example, in recent U.S. News & World Report rankings of U.S. law schools, one of the categories shown for UF was a 48 percent placement rate — evidently an averaging by the magazine of Fall ’97, and Spring/Summer ’98 “at graduation” data. As a result, UF ranked 123 nationally in that category. In comparison, UF’s current 78 percent “at graduation” rate would have put us at 32 — well in the top tier of public and private law schools.


And, using the same USN&WR rankings, UF’s 78 percent compared most favorably to UCLA’s 80 percent; Univ. of Iowa, 76; Univ. of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, 74; Univ. of Minnesota – Twin Cities, 73; Univ. of Wisconsin – Madison, 67; Univ. of Kansas, 61; Ohio State Univ., 58; Univ. of Miami, 53; and Florida State Univ., 50.